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1. What is a Silent Disco?
Silent Disco is the latest sensation rippling through whole world, a combination of hi-end technology and old fashioned disco lead to a unique musical sensory experience. The technology can be adapted for DJs, musicians, public speakers or simply run your own party using MP3 players or a laptop. A Unique event Perfect for weddings, birthdays, student events, nightclubs & private parties. The silent disco system niftily avoids sound restrictions. Our systems can also broadcast three channels simultaneously - giving each user the choice of either channel, perfect for 'dance offs' DJ competitions or the sheer novelty of watching half a room silently do the 'YMCA' whilst the other half goes mad to techno!
2. Where silent disco headphones can be used?
Silent Disco party, Entertainment venues, Bar/night clubs, Wireless Fitness, Outdoor cinema, Education, Athletes, Public Square dancing, etc.
3. What is included for a whole silent disco RF system?
You will need following to run a silent disco party: 1.Silent disco headphones 2.RF wireless transmitters 3.Aduio signal inout 4People who enjoy silent party.
4. What’s the distance of your silent disco headphones?
Generally, 50-500M, with perfect reception through walls and ceilings, it’s up to transmitter’s transmitting power. Currently, we have transmitters TX-30RF, TX-40RF, TX-50RF for options, yet, the most powerful is TX-50RF, and we strongly recommend you TX-50RF for silent disco events use.
5. How many pcs of headphones can be used for one transmitter?
Our silent disco headphones adopt advanced UHF wireless system. One transmitter can be used for endless headphones, as long as the space can hold so many people.
6. What is the guarantee?
All our products have six months warranty. If unfortunately there is a defective item from our order and there is no man-made problem, we would recheck and give a better service for our customers or replacement or repair for u freely.
7. How long it takes to receive the goods?
If headphones are out of stock, we need about 30 days to produce the goods. As for shipping time, it depends on airway (about 7 days) or ocean delivery (about 25 days).