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RF-609(Black) Silent Party headphone price with amazing LED lightsRF-609(Black) Silent Party headphone price with amazing LED lightsRF-609(Black) Silent Party headphone price with amazing LED lightsRF-609(Black) Silent Party headphone price with amazing LED lights

RF-609(Black) Silent Party headphone price with amazing LED lights

  • System: UHF/RF
  • Modulation: FM
  • Channel option: 2 or 3 or 4 channels
  • LED lights: Blue,Red,Green
  • Signal-to-noise ration:  >75dB
  • Frequency response: 30~20000Hz
  • Operation time: 10 hours
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Power supply: Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery(500mAh)
Silent Disco Wireless Headphone with fantastic LED lights for Silent Party

Product Features:
* Open wireless RF stereo headphone system
* Special design for party and event use
* Fantastic lights to indicate channel selection
* Tune button for channels selection
* Personal volume control on each headphone
* Soft ear pad for super comfortable wearing
* Wireless freedom with reception through walls and ceilings
* Volume and tune controls conveniently located on the headphone
* Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery(include)

Product Specifications:
 System  UHF/RF
 Modulation  FM
 Mode  stereo
 Channel option  2 or 3 channels
 LED lights  Purple, Yellow, Cyan
 Signal-to-noise ration  >75dB
 THD  <1%
 Speaker  40mm mylar
 Frequency response  30~20000Hz
 Channel separation  >35dB
 Operation time  10 Hours
 Charging time  2.5 hours
 Power supply Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery(500mAh)

Product Display:

The RF-609(white) is the newest silent disco headphone model with appealing and modern design.It has two or three channels option. With different color lights on the top to indicate channel selection. Detailed analytical sound reproduction with strong bass response.


What is a Silent Disco?

Each person is provided a pair of high quality stereo headphones,allowing them to adjust their own volume to their liking and also choose between three DJ’s/Music channels, at just a flick of a switch.It’s exhilarating, fun and unifying. It appears as if people are dancing to silence but then you hear some of the crowd start singing and others start humming to a different tune they know and before to long everyone is dancing and having a blast – the crowd just love it !!!

Why Silent Disco?

* Can party on all hours without disturbing the peace
* No police knocking at your door
* No complaining neighbours
* With 3 Channels you can satisfy different music tastes
* More people dancing and having fun
* Safe volume levels, adjustable on your headphones
* Unique, Novel, New trend Rocking the US & Europe
* Fun, Cool experience to make your party/event Special

What can we offer?

1.Our wireless headphones enable you to throw a party anywhere, anytime.  Noise restrictions? Never heard of them.
2.Easy to use instructions for all our wireless headphones. Wonderful experience with simple operation.
3.Up to 10 hours' power.A great way to keep that party going without disturbing surrounding people and wild life.
4.Fantastic LED lights for channel indication,personal volume control on each headphone.


1.Why do your headphones offer a better silent disco experience?
Our Silent Disco RF Headphones is a premium quality  model that has superior sound quality,portability and convenience. The rechargeable batteries offer up to ten hours of non-stop fun,while their compact,folding design allows you to transport the system-and your party-anywhere. 

2.How does your Silent Disco Headphones work? What can/plug into?
Our wireless and transmitter allow you to connect any electronic device with a head jack or audio input .Contact DJ mixers, a laptop,a ipod,a ipad,a TV or any other device with a play button to the transmitter to instantly start your party. 

3.How many Audio channels does the the party headphone offer?
Our Silent Disco RF Headphones system offers two or three channels of flawless audio. 

4.How are the headphones charged?
Our mini-USB charging hubs allow you to charge up to 16 headphones at once.

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